Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kahoolawe Maps and Niihau maps

This entry deals with two islands in the Hawaiian archipelago, Kahoolawe and Niihau islands. I decided to put them both into one entry, because neither of very big, popular, or searched for online. So I thought I`d jam them together into one entry.

Kahoolawe is an uninhabited island, and the smallest of the eight main Hawaiian islands. It lies near Maui and Lanai, approximately seven miles or 11.2 km southwest of Maui. Its total land area is 44.6 square miles, or 115.5 square km. At its longest point it is 11 miles/18 km long, and at is widest point it is 6 miles/9.7 km wide. Talk about small!

Here is a satellite map of Kahoolawe

Kahoolawe satellite map

Niihau island boasts a massive population of approximately 130! It is slightly larger than Kahoolawe but not much. Its total land area is 69.5 sq miles/180 km squared. It is situated about 17.5 miles/28.2 km southwest of Kauai, which lies on the other side of the Kaulakhi Channel. This island is the site of a small naval installation.

Here is a Nihau map for your reference and use

Niihau map from Hawaii

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