Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dallas Map

San Antonio is a bigger city than Dallas, Texas. However, the Dallas-Forth Worth metro area is bigger than San Antonio`s metro area. With 6,477,315 people, it is actually the fourth largest metro area in the USA, and the largest in the south. This makes Dallas seem like a significantly bigger and busier city than San Antonio. Dallas itself has a population of 1.98 million (the ninth largest in the US).

Like much of Texas, Dallas has a humid subtropical climate. In the sumer it is one of the hottest places in the US, with temperatures reaching as high as 47 degrees celsius (117 degrees F), with 38 degrees and higher being very common. In winter the daytimes are mild, with highs generally between 13 and 21 degrees. But nights are cool or even cold, with occasionally freezing temperatures. It usually snows about once a year in the area.

The city isof course famous for the Dallas Cowboys, and even moreso for the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, a squad that`s world-renowned both for cheering/dancing skill and hotness. Men all around the globe know and love the Cowboy Cheerleaders!

Below you can find a Dallas map to prepare for your visit.

Dallas Texas Map
Dallas Map
Dallas County Map
Dallas Area Map
Map of Dallas Ft Worth Metro

Hopefully you found a good map of Dallas that meets your needs. It`s a great city, so I hope you enjoy your trip.

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