Thursday, September 25, 2008

Map Of National Parks UK

Map of national parks UK, Cairngorms, Scotland.

There are 13 national parks throughout Great Britain, including 8 parks in England, 3 parks in Wales, and 2 parks in Scotland. In England, those 8 national parks occupy 7% of the total land area. Scotland's 2 national parks cover 7.3% of the total land area. And Wales' 3 national parks occupy 20% of the total land area!

The largest of the UK's national parks is Cairngorms National Park in Scotland, totalling 1467 square miles (2361 square km).

Below you can see a map of national parks UK. I hope you find map that is helpful and useful to you!

Map Of National Parks UK showing protected areas in green.

Map of national parks UK and their proximity to major cities.

Map of national parks UK showing the names of the parks.

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